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Giant Bomb, Best Placement

Do you really know where to place it, check this post for details.

Hi guys, I hope you learn from my last post How to Add an Account on Android, Now I want to share to you in this post where is the best place of the Giant Bomb?. Click through below the jump.
defend against a mass LVL 5 hogs. 

What is Giant Bomb? 

Giant Bomb is a ground huge bomb that can eliminate, kills a mass troops, it has a great damage and favorite target is a hog rider. Image below the specification of a Level 3 Giant Bomb.
giant bOmb lvl3
Screenshot: Giant Bomb Lvl 3

Giant Placement:

Giant bomb is  like a monster eating all those troops deploy, it can kill a huge mass troops in a second. It is one of the best when it comes in defense.
  • Place it near the Archer Tower, or any Defense. Do you (believe that you might encounter that you are defending against a mass hog rider raiding on your base).  There is a lot of a COC gamer using hog rider for looting.

    Image shown above this post, is a Mass Hog Raid where all kills because of a giant bomb.  It will be a plus factor if you upgrade your Giant bomb first after small bomb, or other traps.
  • Place it near Town Hall - Placing it near Town Hall will defend your other defenses as well, some of the Gamer want to go through the center of your base, if it is a war base or a trophy base.
That will be the Giant Bomb Placement I use on my base defense.

Note: This post is for beginner, if you find it useful share it with your friends . And if you have some tips or guide where to put giant bomb drop a useful comment below the jump. Your comment will be appreciated Thank you in advance.


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