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Details You Need Know On How To Recover Lost Village

Details you must know on how to get your village back

One of the problems that the COC gamers might encounter is that you did'nt connect your account to gamecenter or Google + and you've lost your village. What will you do to get it back?, In this post, here are the things you have to do, for sure this will lessen your worries to your lost village..

Supercell gives details on How to retrieve your lost village. Here are some details you must know,  in order to get back your lost account.

You must  include the following information in the message, so that supercell locate your village:

- Exact username and clan name of your lost village
- Exact Town Hall level of your lost village
- Exact XP level of your lost village
- Country 

Note: Supercell will send you some additional questions about your main account.  You must know your account very well or else, You'll never get back your Village.

How to Send Message: 

You have to send message early or after the village lost. It was to hard to get it back when it takes too long when lost.

1. Open Clash of Clans tap Settings Icon on the right side. Tap Help and Support.

2. Help support will pop-out, from the Top-right most part of your screen tap Icon, Create a new Message.

Input details:


I lost my village, please help me to get it back, here are the details:

Username: Example123
Clan Name: Mycoclab Clan
Town Hall Level: Town Hall Level 5
XP Level: Level 34
Country: Indonesia

You can also send an image/screenshot of your village. Better get screenshots of your village. If you don't know how, go to this link How to take screenshots on your Android.

3. Lastly, Send it.

After sending,  You might wait a couple of days to make you village back, It depends upon the details you've submitted. and it depends upon how you really know your account.

Good Luck..

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