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4 Benefits Of Having A Clan

Hi Clashers, Good day. I know some of you now are farming, lols. Just in case you are a beginner in Clash of Clans, You have to know this, That having a clan is good for beginners. Do you Agree?

Some of the COC gamers don't want to join at any clan in early stage because the account is to weak and no idea What is Clan Wars?.  Don't Worry It's ok because you are not alone in that situation. I experience it also, I don't join in the clan, I rather be all alone and attack any random base. It came to the  point that I have to join in a clan. Clan Wars Introduce to me.

A friend Introduce to me a Clan, He tells me you'll get some thing in to it. War Bonus, Experienced Team, Teamwork and troops etc. So let's get Started.

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Benefits of having a Clan

  •  Troops Reinforcements :  You can receive limited troops from your clan depending on how many capacity or level of your Clan Castle.

    Level 1: 10 Troops Capacity
    Level 2: 15 Troops Capacity
    Level 3: 20 Troops Capacity
    Level 4: 25 Troops Capacity
    Level 5: 30 Troops Capacity
  •  War Loot Bonus:  Aside from getting a loot from farming you can receive war loot bonus if your Clan wins a battle against your opponent. You must be included in The Clan Wars Battle also.

    Note: You must starred any of enemy base before you have a War loot Bonus. As I have said earlier your Team must win to get 100%  war bonus, instead 10% of war loot bonus if not.

  •  Tips and Strategy:  If your clan is very supportive and you are a beginner, Your clan Leaders, Co-leaders or Elder can give you some Advices, Tips or Strategies that you may use. So better ask them. 
  • Get Powerful Perks: Level up and unlock abilities of your Clans. How? By obtaining Clan Perks Xp, Clan Perks XP is earned by competing and winning in Clan Wars. 

There are different Clan perks Abilities  to unlock according to their Levels:

Level 2:  Troops Request Time:           15 Minutes
                War Loot extra Storage:       10%

Level 3:  Donation Refund:                  20% Troop cost
               War bonus extra loot:            10%

Level 4:  Donation Limit:                     6 Troops
                War Loot Extra Storage:       20%

Level 5: Donated Troop Upgrade         1 Level
              War Bonus Extra loot             50%

Level 6: Donation Refund:                   35% troops cost

              War Loot Extra Storage          30%

Level 7: Troop Requested Wait Time  10 minutes
              War Bonus Extra Loot            20%

Level 8: Donation Limit                       8 troops
              War loot Extra Storage           40%

Level 9: Donation Refund                    50%
              War Bonus Extra Loot            25%

Level 10: Donate Troop Upgrade         2 Levels
                War Loot Extra Storage        50%

I hope it change your mind and you'll build your castle and join to clan wars battle at early stage. Please do comment your experience too for having a Clan. Just use the comment section below the jump.

Thank you don't forget to share it to others.

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