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5 Th8 War Base Layout (BEST OF THE WEEK)

I have here lists of Th8 war base layout that you may use in Clan War Battle. Select what War Base Layout that is best for you. This week I encounter and the most tough war base to 3 star. Centralized Ad, Clan Castle Town Hall, And Mortar etc.

Why Centralized Air Defense?

In Clan War Th8 players usually or typically use for attacking is Dragon, Definitely you will see 10 Drag plus 1 Drag at war CC attacking your base.

Another Compositions are 8 Drag and 8 Balloons plus 1 drag at War Clan Castle for back-up.

So it's up to you what type of defense you will use with this 5 War Base Layout. I recommend use Anti-drag War base layout,  Check it out for yourself below the jump.

5 Th8 War Base Layout:

Th8 War Base  (mycoclab)

1.  An Anti Drag War base with centralized air defense, surrounded by gold and elix  collectors and other buildings. 

Th8 War Base 2 (mycoclab)

2.   Well design war base layout with Air defense and clan castle at the center .

Th8 War Base  3 (mycoclab)

3.  1 of my best pick this week compressed defense at the center isle plus wizard tower at a good position.

Th8 War Base  4 (mycoclab)

4.   In this layout definitely attacker will have a hard time on reaching out to lure your Clan Castle troops. Well placed Air Defense mortars, and Wizard Tower. 

Th8 War Base  5 (mycoclab)

5. Lastly this simple and superb War Base layout, Centralized ground and Air trap, 4 Mortars located at the middle.

Note: Images not show where to put all traps because it was scouted only via Clan War. DIY for the placement of  traps,

You may read  this post if you want to know Giant Bomb Placement.

Every end of the Week, I'll post top War, Farm and Trophy Base Layout that you may use in Clash of Clans. So Better Subscribe to mycoclab.com.  Thank you in Advance.

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