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TH8 War Base Lay Out (Anti-Drag)

Click the picture and download it for your reference.

Get a copy of this TH8 war base Lay out, an anti-drag  base which protects your Town hall in the middle. Centralize archer towers and air defenses.

Got this layout from our opponent Surga Passers 99, When my team losses an attack trying to 3 stars this base. My team Troops Combinations are all dragons plus 5 Balloons 6 (all in max level).   March 2015.

TH8 War Base Lay Out
Screenshot using Alcatel one touch: read also how to take screenshots on Android.

You may try this Th8 Anti-drag War Base layout and see it for yourself how effective this base against a mass drag attack. Recommended using it in Clan Wars.

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