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TH7 Vs Th8 (How to 3 Stars) using Dragloons (TIPS & TECHNIQUES)

Clan Wars attack Strategy: Th7 against Th8, using Dragons and Balloons combination.

This is an easy attack to learn you must know what to do and know where to deploy your troops first. After learning this strategy I'll assure you'll get 3 stars in a clan wars battle.
Troops  and Spell Composition:

x8 Drag, x8 Balloons plus x4 Balloons in Clan Castle, and x3 Lightning Spell.

How to: First scout you're enemy base to look where you're attack how to start. Always make a plan and if you're ready "attack".

The image below shows an attack of mine account username COC: Fixx v2 (NASCORUSADER). I am in rank number 9 attacking a rank number 3 defender not max Th8 Level PCP Clan. 3 starring using this strategy Dragloons LS combination.

Enemy Th8 war base layout description: Town hall at the center ,  3 air defense (2 Ad5 and 1 Ad4), clan castle is outside, AT8, and Mortar5.

At the game:
Using Lightning Spell to Destroy 1 Ad5 (Air Defense).

Deploying/Cutting Drag2 near to Ad5 (Air defense).

After Deploying 6 Drag2, I deploy 6 Balloons5 near to Ad5 (Air Defense).

Deploying other drag2 near to the Ad4 (Air Defense). Followed by Clan Castle Troops.

Destroying All Ad's, Dragons will do a clean up.

3 starring a Th8 enemy. 
This Dragloons Strategy is easy to learn.. Thank you. 

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