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XMG COC Xmod 2.5.0 (Android) and 3.2.0 (iOs) Download and update

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Xmodgames's mod for Clash of Clans 8.212.3 is now ready for download and update.  This new mod version 2.5.0 and 3.2.0 is compatible with the latest Clash of Clans version.

What's new:

New troops unit added: The legendary bowler is open for everyone in Sandbox Attack now along with newest and highest level of Valkyrie, Goblin, and Hog Rider.

XMg developers continue to fix Realtime traps and teslas,  because it was disabled momentarily to ensure proper functions of he Mod. For the meantime traps will not be shown during Clan Wars and Farming, So we have to expect another Mod version to release soon. 

For example, in Clan war,

  • turn ON 【Sandbox from Replay】
  • then watch the replay of an attack.
  • The location and types of traps/teslas activated in this attack will be saved.
  • When you turn ON 【Sandbox Attack】and Visit/Scout to do Sandbox Attack.
  • These traps will be loaded to be triggered in Sandbox for you to simulate, though they are hidden.

NOTES for use:

[1]Untriggered Traps can't be recorded by the Replay unless they are activated. So, this means you have to work with your teammate to scout as many traps as possible in Clan War for the first attack.

[2]And be careful! If the replay has only ground units, when you plan to sandbox with air units. You won't trigger the air traps in the simulation.

[3]It also implies that you have to DIY and place Teslas/Traps for layouts obtained by the feature
【Copy Layout】.
Check out what it is: http://www.xmodgames.com/guide/384.html
XMG won't give up making the best COC Mod!

Download XMG Clash of Clans xmod

Clash of Clans xmod version 2.5.0 Android
Clash of Clans xmod version 3.2.0 IOS

Official website: www.xmodgames.com

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