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Clash of Clans Xmod 2.3.0 Download and updates

Xmodgames release a latest version of xmod for android.

xmod 2.3.0 image
Xmodgames activating and adding Troop profile 

Xmodgames have released latest mod version for android Xmod coc version 2.3.0. This version will fix the bug that Clash of Clans would crash while launching in xmodgames. Xmodgames team added new mod features on android this are Sandbox combo profiles, All kinds of troops unlocked, and castle spells are now editable at all levels.

Xmod 2.3.0 is only compatible to the latest Clash of Clans version 8.116.2.

How to use new troops templates:

1.  Click "Active Troop Sandbox Attack"
2.  Click + to add a new template to record
3.  Go back to the main page to configure number and levels of your troop, spells, castle troops and castle spells, etc.
4.  For combos, you don't need any more, click the dustbin to dismiss recorded combos.
5  Choose between different sandbox templates to switch your favorite combos.

Download link For Xmod 2.3.0 

Android version:  Xmod 2.3.0 Download link
iOs version: Xmod 2.3.0 Download link

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