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COC Xmod Xmg Update v.1.6.5 And v. 2.6.3 (Android and Ios)

Don't be left behind using Xmod, Download it now and update to experience new Xmg Version.

Clash Of Clans Xmod Update June 12, 2015.  Xmodgames still not left you, Xmod for Clash Of Clans is now release. The newest Update Mod version 1.6.5 for Android users and version 2.6.3 for IOS users. Download and update it now on Xmodgames application.
Xmodgames for Clash Of Clans Showing Xmod button

COC Xmod Changelogs:

In the latest COC mod,several bugs fixed,including :
1.  CRASHING after tapping some SB’s button;
2.  Seeing BUILDERS fixing building during SB;
3.  Figuring out QUEEN & KING sleeping during SB;
4.  Your own CC Troop is same as Enemy Troop u set during SB.

Ps:Because of bug issues, "Search Delay" in Android Mod have been moved.
How do u think of this update?
Next COC new feature is being tested!!! STAY TUNED!!!

Keep on clicking XMG everyday, maybe NEW FEATURE comes next day!

We have to say Thank you to Xmodgames Developer for their continues support to Xmod COC, visit their Xmodgames facebook page and hit like.

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