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Xmodgames 1.5.0 Released

Download latest XMG version 1.5.0

The Latest Xmod for Clash of Clans is released and available now for update via application xmodgames.com. It is now compatible with COC version 7.65, 7.65.2, 7.65.3 and 7.65.5. Check out Latest Features of the new update May 8, 2015.

Xmodgames developer have release description for the latest update:

  • The latest mod (1.5.0) supports the new version.
  • Solution for (x) button disappearing.
  • There are five search conditions: "Gold", Dark Elixer, Elixer Get trophy more than,and Max Town Hall Level.
  • SandBox Attack, In this new version, The game will not crash when it ends.
  • Set new troops as many as you want.  

Needs to do installing/updating your android. 

  1. Run Xmod Apllication 
  2. Click Clash Of Clans Icon
  3. then Mod Installed
  4. Lastly Restart your Android Device

Bugs seen in the version 1.5.0

  • Hidden Tesla, Placement of Traps not seen. 
  • Clash of Clans Troops Not Showing Up.

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