Grand Warden Full Stats, Upgrade Level, Elixer Training Cost in Clash of Clans

The Grand Warden is useful both on attack and defense. Good back-up for the 2 heroes Archer Queen and Barbarian King. If the Grand Warden altar constructed the Grand Warden is automatically summoned and can be used immediately in clan wars or farming.

Level 1 Grand Warden costs 6,000,000 Elixir and it is only available at Town Hall 11. You may find Grand Warden's full statistics per level below.

Grand Warden Background Story: 
"This veteran battle-scholar seeks out groups of friendly troops to fight behind and boost with his Life Aura, and assumes the form of a tower on defense. Attacking, he can walk over walls or fly high, and can make nearby troops immune to damage once his Eternal Tome ability is unlocked!"
Grand Warden Full Stats, Upgrade Level, Elixer Training Cost in Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans - Wikia / Grand Warden 

Grand Warden Level 1-40 Statistics:

Life Aura Ability (Passive)

Eternal Tome Ability (Active)

There you have it, You all know now the full statistics you need to know per level for Grand Warden. Enjoy Clashing! Good Day!

Town Hall 7 War Base for 2017 That You Need To Try!

You might want to use these base layouts made by KeKSeS99 Gaming, Town hall 7 war base will help you so much and your team to win clan wars. Some features of these 3 war base layouts are Anti-hogs, Anti-Drag, and Anti-Giants attack.

Watch the full clip below to see all the three war base layout.

Town Hall 7 War Base

Looking for more war base layout visit KeKSeS99 Gaming official youtube channel. This guy has an awesome video for war bases you need to try. Thank you enjoy clashing guys. See yah! :) 

Maintenance Break: Winter Theme Disabled

Maintenance Break

Clash of Clans dev team disabled the Winter theme today they have announced it via facebook, one feature that was included in the winter theme is the clashmas trees. These trees will not spawn.
We're doing some server upkeep and at the same time disabling the Winter theme (Clashmas trees will stop spawning). See you soon!

Clash Clans: Winter is Coming, Sneak Peeks Soon to Release

Clash of Clans posted recently on their Facebook page an announcement to inform all the Clashers that there will be an upcoming update, The COC Winter Update. There are no other details yet aside from the photo that they posted with a caption.

We'll have some sneak peeks ready for you soon, Chief! In the meantime, just letting you know that

Clash Clans: Winter is Coming

These sneak peeks will be posted on their Clash of Clans Facebook page and Official blogs

Are you excited for this update?  

TH9, Healer Queen + Baby Drag Attack Strategy

I feel so excited to go to clan wars after watching this video by Powerbang Gaming about Baby Drag Attack Strategy quick guide. The video was very helpful to me (I hope that you will watch it also after reading this few lines of my post introduction :)). Now I know what attack to use at Town Hall level 9.

In the video, The attacker uses Healer to support Archer Queen, AQ will eliminate buildings and defensive buildings. Barbarian walk backed up by some bowler. You have to watch the video how it's done. Note: You must keep on eye your heroes because they will do massive damage. Must've ready your spells for this attack. 

Here is the video:

Bomb Tower Full Stats, Upgrade Level, Gold Cost in Clash of Clans

Bomb Tower is the newest Defensive Building in Clash of Clans that was added in October 2016 update. The Bomb Tower is the only building to be inspired by a building in Clash Royale.

This defensive building unlocked at Town Hall level 8. It throws bombs at ground troops, dealing splash damage similarly to the Wizard Tower. However, unlike the Wizard Tower, it cannot attack air units.

Bomb Tower

Here are full statistics of the newest defensive Building in Clash of Clans Bomb Tower.

"Bomb Towers bombard nearby ground troops and go up in a big BOOM when destroyed! Melee units best stand clear!"

Here's Bomb Tower full statistics level 1 to 5 (Hit points, Damage, Build Time, and Gold Cost per level).

Bomb Tower Full Stats, Upgrade Level, Gold Cost in Clash of Clans

There you go that is the full Statistics of the newest defensive building the Bomb Tower, In case you are looking for upgrade level of the Eagle Artillery, See it here: Eagle Artillery, upgrade cost and stats in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans (version 8.551.4) is Available to Download Online

Supercell released the latest update for Clash of Clans this month of October, CoC version 8.551.4 brings new defensive building, friendly wars and more. 

According to Supercell, Friendly Wars allow any two Clans to do battle with custom settings and arrangements! Check out this guide video that we've post recently.

Also, Any clan can customize friendly wars setting its duration and choosing a maximum of players to play 5 versus 5 or 50 versus 50 before to issuing a challenge.

Clash of Clans (version 8.551.4)

The latest update also brings new defensive building and troop levels. Here's the summary of the update.

1.  Introducing the Bomb Tower at Town Hall 8!
2.  New troop levels: Dragon, Baby Dragon, Wizard.
3.  New defense Levels: X-Bow, Mortar, Hidden Tesla.
4.  25 more wall pieces to Town Hall 11.
5.  Lots of upgrade costs and times reduced.
6.  Rebalancing, including Witch and Skeleton Spell buffs.
7.  Clan Wars loot and Clan XP rules revisited.
8.  Continued balancing changes to Clan Wars matchmaking.

Download Clash of Clans (version 8.551.4):

Clash of Clans is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.
- Download Clash of Clans (version 8.551.4) .apk by apkmirror.

Watch: How To Issue Friendly Wars (CoC October 2016 Update)

After announcing the newest defensive building, Coc Development team reveals Friendly War Details to on their blog.

Friendly Wars allow any two Clans to do battle with custom settings and arrangements!
Check out this guide video to learn how to issue your own Friendly Wars, and read on for the detailed feature set:

Friendly War Details

Friendly War Details:

  1. Friendly War challenges are issued via opponent Clan Profiles
  2. Accept Friendly War challenges from Clan chat
  3. New Friendly War Clan settings: disable challenges
  4. Choose custom war durations (as short as one hour!) and sizes from 5v5 to 50v50!
  5. Friendly War attacks do not consume your armies (only attacking Clan Castle troops are consumed when attacking)
  6. It's just for fun! Friendly Wars award no war loot or Clan XP

Source: Clash Of Clans

Bomb Tower, CoC October 2016 Update

After Clash dev team released balancing Updates, The new defense building Bomb Tower announce to be added in this upcoming Clash of Clans Major Update this month of October 2016. 

This new defensive building can be unlocked at Town Hall 8.  Upgrade cost and Building Time for every level will be posted after the update. Be sure to save this post.

Bomb Tower,

Bomb Tower Description:

  • This defensive building explodes in a small radius when destroyed and punishes everything nearby.
  • NEW: Bomb Tower (starting at TH 8)
  • Bomb Towers explode in a small radius when destroyed, punishing masses of melee troops that charge in without a careful plan.

Other Updates:

Bomb Towers create a lot of new room for balancing mass-attack troops, which have too easily teetered between being super-weak or super-strong.

Witch hitpoints massively increased, damage slightly increased - Witches are much more resilient and have more power to push through incoming fire. However, Bomb Towers will challenge their Skeleton hordes!

Giant Bombs no longer deal 1.5x damage to Hog Rider - We're shifting Hog Rider play away from focus on Giant Bombs, and more towards planning for Bomb Tower resistance.

Excited for this update. If Yes, Tell it to your friends by sharing this post. Thank you, Players.

October 2016 CoC Balancing & Update News Release

Supercell Team just released in their blog the balancing patch in October. I quoted the original post to this blog-post from their Clash of Clans Blog, a new level of selected troops are on its way like wizard level 7, tesla Level 9 and more. Check it out below and I'm sure you are excited about this major update

The Clash of Clans team approaches game balance by looking at attack stats and play-testing gameplay changes. As outlined by our design values, regular balancing updates help keep the game fun and interesting!

In this sizable round of balancing changes, we're continuing to develop Town Hall 11 gameplay, boost underperforming units, and ease some high level upgrades. We've also taken a look at Clan Wars XP and war loot rules.
October 2016 CoC Balancing
Photo: October Update Clash of Clans

NEW: Wizard level 7 (TH 10)

  • Wizard level 6 hitpoints and damage slightly increased
  • Wizard level 6 available at Town Hall level 9 (was 10)

Fashionably late to the party, high-level Wizards are finally showing up - in style! They'll lend some needed extra firepower to Town Hall 9 and up.

NEW: Hidden Tesla level 9 (TH 11)

  • REMOVED: Hidden Teslas no longer deal 2x damage to P.E.K.K.A

Popular Tesla-heavy defensive cores have led to underwhelming P.E.K.K.A gameplay. Removing the 2x damage rule helps P.E.K.K.A reclaim its fearsome potential while making room for a new Tesla level.

NEW: Baby Dragon level 5 (TH 11)

  • Baby Dragon level 4 available at Town Hall 10 (was 11)

Baby Dragon upgrade levels should come just a bit earlier to give an appropriate power level to such a late game troop.

NEW: Mortar level 10 (TH 11)

  • Mortar level 8-9 damage increased

Mortar has fallen behind the defensive curve. A boost to later levels, and the new Mortar level 10, will help give Mortar back its punch.

Other Updates: 

Skeleton Spells spawn MUCH more Skeletons, but over a longer time

  • The rebalanced spell is much better at doing - well, pretty much everything. 26 Skeletons in a single spell slot? You'd better believe it!

Cloned troops from Clone Spells can stay much longer on the battlefield

  • The power of Clone Spells comes from effective positioning. Longer troop lifetime will bolster well placed Clones.

Bowler hitpoints slightly decreased

  • Skillful attackers often keep Bowlers far and safe from damage. A small hitpoint reduction better balances their immense and efficient reach.

Other NEW Town Hall 11 upgrades:

  • Dragon level 6
  • X-Bow level 5
  • 25 additional Wall pieces

Upgrade Discounts (time and/or cost):

  • Wizard 6
  • Dragon 3-5
  • Baby Dragon (all levels)
  • Cannon 12-13
  • Archer Tower 11-13
  • Mortar 8-9
  • Wizard Tower 7-8
  • Hidden Tesla 5-8
  • X-Bow 2-4

Clan Wars balancing:

  • Earn a partial War Win Bonus even when failing an attack
  • War Win Bonus is no longer reduced when attacking lower Town Hall levels
  • Tougher targets in war are worth more Clan XP, to a max of 10XP!

We want to lessen the downsides of more ambitious war attacks and better reward clean-up attacks.
Also, basing Clan XP rewards on defender strength will better reward Clans that participate in high-level Clan Wars!
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